Byrds Of A Feather "Vision"

Byrds Of A Feather "Vision"

What is Vision?

According to Websters: Vision is defined as, “the act of power of imagination.” By applying vision to the future, you create a mental picture that can be used to direct your actions. Vision serves as a guide and can be used to provide a sense of purpose.

Why is Vision Important?

For both people and businesses, having a vision proves to be extremely important. Given the trials that may come your way, when you have a clear vision of what you want to happen, you can make better decisions. Challenges are inevitable. When you run into a wall, you need to know which way to go. Vision provides you with something to look forward to and work towards. Vision provides you with a reason to keep going, even when the times get tough.

3 Things to Think About

Goal Setting with Vision

To achieve your vision or goal, you can start by setting small, attainable goals as stepping stones. Each relatively little bit of success will help to continue to move forward on your bigger journey.

Setting expectations

Setting goals comes along with defining measurements of success. If you set a goal, how do you know when you’ve reached it if you don’t have a way to define success? Vision helps to set expectations accordingly.

Keeps Focus

Having a vision ensures that your life or business goals can remain focused. When you are faced with a decision or distraction, you can ask yourself if it will help or hurt you in attaining your vision. This can offer you the means to move forward with intention and alignment.

A list of things on RK’s Vision Board:

  • Giving Goal
  • Fitness Goal
  • Businesses Growth Goals
  • Personal Development Goals
  • House Upgrades

Looking for a good resource to build your dream board?

"Dream IT Pin IT Live IT"

About the Book/KIT: “Terri Savelle Foy shares her journey of using vision boards to accomplish great things and shows how you can too. Discover how vision boards work, what to do after you’ve made them, and the hidden key to living your dreams. Find out how you can open your imagination and have that childlike faith to believe that anything is possible, and turn your dreams into reality”

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